The requirements for receiving treatment with ZINBRYTA (daclizumab)

Work with your doctor to complete this 2-step process so you can start treatment on ZINBRYTA.

Step 1. Complete enrollment:

Enroll, understand the risks, and complete liver testing before starting treatment

1.Discuss the following with your doctor and make sure you understand:

  • The risks of ZINBRYTA including serious liver problems that may lead to death and immune system problems.
  • The baseline liver testing required before your first dose and monthly liver testing required before your next dose.

2.Receive and read the ZINBRYTA REMS Program Patient Guide and the ZINBRYTA REMS Program Patient Wallet Card.

  • The ZINBRYTA REMS Program Patient Guide is your comprehensive guide to understanding treatment with ZINBRYTA.
  • The ZINBRYTA REMS Program Patient Wallet Card, which is provided for you to carry during treatment and for up to 6 months after stopping treatment, can be shared with your other doctors.

Download the:

3. Complete the ZINBRYTA REMS Program Patient Enrollment Form with your doctor who will provide you with a copy of this form. You can expect to be contacted by the ZINBRYTA REMS Program.

4. Complete baseline liver testing before your first dose to ensure ZINBRYTA is safe for you to use, as guided by your doctor. You can expect to be contacted by the ZINBRYTA REMS Program each month to remind you to complete your lab tests.

Step 2. Continue treating your relapsing MS:

Complete monthly liver testing before your next dose and report side effects

1. Complete your monthly liver testing before your next dose during treatment with ZINBRYTA and for 6 months after you discontinue treatment with ZINBRYTA. 

2. Inform your doctor of any side effects, reactions, or symptoms you experience after receiving ZINBRYTA.

3. Carry your ZINBRYTA REMS Program Patient Wallet Card and tell any of your other doctors that you have been treated with ZINBRYTA.

4. Notify the ZINBRYTA REMS Program right away if you change your ZINBRYTA doctor, if your contact information changes, or if you discontinue treatment with ZINBRYTA.

Adobe® Reader® is required to view all of these PDFs. If you do not have it installed, download it free here.

If you have any questions about the ZINBRYTA REMS Program or need help enrolling, call 1-800-456-2255.


ZINBRYTA is indicated for the treatment of adult patients with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS). Because of its safety profile, the use of ZINBRYTA should generally be reserved for patients who have had an inadequate response to two or more drugs indicated for the treatment of MS.

Please see Prescribing Information, including BOXED WARNING, for additional information.